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Carers provide care to other people living with chronic illness, disability, or frailty due to their age. A Carer may be a family member, friend or neighbour. Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on the contribution of carers. Carers need to be identified and their expertise valued. Carers have their own needs and service providers must find ways of exploring both the needs of the person and those of the carer in the process care planning and the provision of support.

In Australia we have...

  • 2.8 million carers

Who contribute...

  • 36 million hours every week

The dollar value of that care in a week is...

  • $1.1 billion

Carers tell us they do not want to be seen as a hero or angel but they do want to be acknowledged and recognised as partners in care.

For more information on strategies to better support and involve carers in care, visit the Carer Support Unit: Click Here

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